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Meet Chicka-dad and Chicka-mom! At least thats how our chickens view us and (confession) our nicknames for each other! Our role on the farm is to nurture and raise our chickens humanely. We believe in feeling good about the food you eat, which means you should know how your food is raised and what they have been fed.
While we've always held this philosophy, our vision came to life when we found out we were pregnant with our first child. We wanted to give our baby what we never had, healthy, clean, and nutrient dense food. The birth of our baby boy also birthed the start of our farm, Grown Right Farmstead. Our farm began in 2021 by Mark and Samantha, and James Torrese (little man/supervisor of mom and dad).



Our chickens are raised in the sunshine, free to roam as they please, chasing bugs and feeding on natural vegetation. Using a combination of electric netting and chicken tractors, we are able to protect our chickens from predators as well as fertilize the land naturally. Our chickens are fed with High Quality feed with No Antibiotics Ever! At the end of their growth cycle, our chickens are humanely harvested here on our farmstead. As the demand for clean, locally grown food grows, we look forward to becoming your local supplier of all natural chicken.

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